Chiefs vs Colts

Chiefs vs Colts: Live The weather outside is terrible, but the playoffs are pleasant. When the Emirates starts the split in the game against the Colts on Saturday, the weather will no longer be outside, but snow can be a factor in the Stadium Arrow.

Chiefs vs Colts Live

As of 9:30 am EST, we photographed people with boots on the ground, showing a lot of snow on the seats with arrows. Ty time is 4:35 pm. ET (NBC, stream on fuboTV, try for free)

A brief overview of the weather forecast shows that the snow may not stop immediately. The greatest amount of precipitation should be reduced in the morning and during lunch.

But it seems that in the Emirates – 50% chance of some snow falling. As you can see, Missouri also issued a warning about the winter storm. This is a very heavy weather movement.

Screenshot, January 12, 2019, at -9-33-02-am.png
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The reality is that no one can easily predict how much snow will be in this game. The National Weather Service in Kansas City suggests that the earth may be between three and five inches during a storm. But a thin line could eventually lead to a bomb fall in Kansas City, and eight-inch snow is not so far away.

This line remains fairly stable: the Emirates is still a favorite of 5 points, although most of the bets in this game are made on the Colts. The Action Network’s publicly-available rate counter accounts for 61% of Indianapolis rates.

For whom is the weather good? This is a cast. Mahomes and Chiefs are teams in the open air, but Mahomes have no experience in these conditions. While studying at Texas Tech University, he did not participate in many competitions in cold weather, while in his career there are only four games, and the temperature is below 40 degrees.

These starts include the start of the 17th week of last season against the Broncos (17 degrees, 27-24 wins) and the start of the pair 2018: 14th overtime 27-24 overtime victory over the house of Ravens (27 degrees) and week 15 28-29 At home, play the charger (39 degrees)

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